On the European Square in Warsaw, one of the most prestigious locations in the capital, Warsaw Spire was put up - a complex of retail and office spaces.

This modern building has been chosen as the new headquarters of the international consulting company JLL, which plans to consolidate all its Warsaw business lines in this location.

The company currently leases four floors, with a total area of 5900 sqm., where 450 people work. Among them are advisers with JLL Poland, Centre employees Contract Management Rental and Corporate Services, providing strategic support for corporate clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa. By 2020, JLL will be covering 8000 sqm., with approx. 700 employees.

The ultimate goal of the designers of the new office was to create a space tailored to the different needs and work styles. One of the services offered by JLL is developing strategies Workplace. It is not surprising, then, that the company carried out a complete analysis of their work environment, which allowed a perfect fit for the office space needs of employees, while improving their communications and productivity.

"The author of the interior design was the company Tetris, which previously designed the interior of the London JLL office. The office in Warsaw Spire, however, is unique. His character is inspired by Polish culture, art and native natural assets. – „We moved elements characteristic for our country, using the appropriate finishing materials, such as wood or imitation of moss forest in the conference room. There were also inspired by Polish lace patterns - says Danuta Barańska, creative director of Tetris.


JLL Poland

Architecte:Danuta Barańska, Creative Director Tétris
Produits:Rockfon Artic®, Rockfon Color-all®
Dimensions:600 x 600, 1200 x 600

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